• Green and Gold
    It’s all about that… Green and Gold Ideally, I should write these just after the event, when things are fresh in my mind and not almost a week later. So, I must apologise to both the last winner of the BCL Indy, Gavyn Cooper and now Henrik Stepanyan, winner of the VIII BCL Individual, 3+2, … Read more
  • Week 2, Season 1
    Season 1, Battle 2 Wow! What a night Battle 2 turned out to be. There seemed all to play for as Bischwiller, not content with the introduction of team champion, GM Etienne Bacrot last week, introduced another in the form of GM Arkadij Naiditsch. Surely tonight there was now a team who could challenge the … Read more
  • Cooper’s Coup
    Gavyn Cooper tops a trio of fresh podium finishers in the 7th BCL Individual Blitz Tournament.
  • The 1st Battle
    Season 1 Battle 1 LSG Line-up 1st 10 Final Standing 1st 10, Top 10 Vasteras Line-up Contender Final Standing Contender Top 10 Players Kings Head Line-up Even online, there is a certain tension as players take their places. The click through the other teams, checking out their strength, gauging the eventual winner, and then our … Read more
  • Season 1
    The League Has Formed Possibly a bit of a rubbish title, and if that survives the edit, it means I haven’t thought of anything better. The league has formed. From its humble start of 13 teams, buzzing because we were stretched over 2 divisions – not full divisions but two necessary divisions, all the same … Read more