Cooper’s Coup

Cooper's Coup

Gavyn Cooper tops a trio of fresh podium finishers in the 7th BCL Individual Blitz Tournament. GM Keith Arkell finished in 5th place and last week’s winner, Finlay Bowcott-Terry, in 7th.

Above Keith, Billybob, a Liverpool youngster, finished in 4th, scalping the likes of Finlay, Nat Paul, and Chalah along the way. A talent of the future, for sure.

I think this was Botahoofd (LSG’s captain) first time at the event and he certainly made his mark. Losing only two games, one to GM Keith Arkell and the other to Chalah, he nestled nicely into the 3rd spot, winning 80% of his games. A great finish from the mystery man!

Gavyn Cooper in 1st place. 

It takes hard work to get here.

An impressive sheet stretching over 16 games.

In second place was one of the Friar brothers who had a superb tournament. With a 2311 performance rating, he beat both Finlay and Keith! His only falls were to Boterhoofd, Dagdatheclt, and PhilZabrocki. I’m sure he’s over the moon with his performance and so he should be.

But this day was Gavyn’s, and nobody was going to stop him taking the top podium spot. GM Keith Arkell was Gavyn’s only loss and his only draw from 16 blitz games. Winning 14 with a performance rating of 2396! Couple that with the esteemed company he was playing amongst and the feat is even more amazing.

It was a great tournament, only made possible by the participants, so thanks to everyone for making it what it is.

Dustin Bowcott

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