GM Keith Arkell once again retains the crown but this time found himself up against two very stiff competitors in the form of Henrik Stepanyan of Sutton Coldfield Chess Club and Finlay Bowcott-Terry of Halesowen Chess Club. A mere three points separated 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Twenty-two entrants is a record if only down to beating the first tournament by one. Even so, I felt that the tourney dragged at times. A couple of times it took a few minutes to get a game which, in an arena, can be a little frustrating as you just want to grab as many points as you can. Time is of the essence! So, hopefully, we can get a few more in for the next one and have a faster turnover of games.

My own performance isn’t worth mentioning – when is it ever in these tourneys? I do so much better when I don’t organise them myself, for some reason. However, there were some notable ones from others. The first time entry of Peter Chaplin, a very strong Bristolian who I’m sure was pleased not only with 6th place but also in beating a GM. Others who also managed to kill Keith’s streaks were Henrik, Dadgathecelt, Finlay, and Chalah. And of those, only Finlay gained the distinction of beating Keith twice.

Christopher Lewis not only had a great performance but has possibly staked a claim for the most amount of blitz games in a 90-minute period. I haven’t called The Guinness Book of World Records yet as I assume they call me? It was nice also to welcome Dave Tipper, secretary of the Bristol League and would be great to have him, along with Peter, back again.

Thanks to all the players who took part. Without you, it just wouldn’t be as much fun!

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