Season 1

The League Has Formed

Possibly a bit of a rubbish title, and if that survives the edit, it means I haven’t thought of anything better. The league has formed. From its humble start of 13 teams, buzzing because we were stretched over 2 divisions – not full divisions but two necessary divisions, all the same – it has grown to 33 and stretches over 4 arenas.

After a preliminary season, I am happy that a correct-ish balance has been struck and that teams are either in the right division or in prime striking distance of achieving the division they’re meant to be in. With promotion and relegation each week, a team’s rise and fall can happen very quickly. So, I’m hoping everyone will be happy, and if they aren’t this week, then they should be next. Otherwise, I’d just be clashing teams forever. I estimated it would take 10 weeks but I also had other plans in mind regarding the structure. The scoring system has been figured out and is the same one as before, only reversed. So, the lower teams score points and the aim is to remain on zero. Promoted teams to a new division will start with 0. This is to protect teams who may start in the Contenders (or lower) and move up. A team has to be in a single arena 5 times to win it, and it goes on.

As teams all battle each other during one night, it is essentially an entire season, this means that teams will be relegated and promoted each week. It took me a while longer than it perhaps should have to arrive at that conclusion. I had seen that some European countries were already operating their own internal leagues but I hadn’t bothered to look at how they were doing it. I assumed they didn’t have any structure. And the beauty of it is, they didn’t. It was simple. They promoted and relegated every week. I’d completely missed it and had to wait for the cogs of my own mind to finally turn to the idea. One thing they don’t have though is a complicated scoring system!

As I write, there is less than 22 hours until the season begins and the main thing on my mind at this very moment, is whether 5 arena appearances is enough to entitle a team to win a leaderboard. Perhaps I should make it six?

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