GM Keith Arkell

The BCL Indy II

Keith Arkell takes the EBCL Indy II crown.

GM Keith Arkell once again mixed it with some of the strongest Blitz players from the West Midlands in the BCL Indy II. Completely stealing the show and staking his claim as the best blitz player in the West Midlands, Keith finished well above his nearest rivals, Henrik Stepanyan and Phil Zabrocki.

The podium finishers from the EBCL Indy II

Keith played far faster than everyone else and dipped his win percentage in favour of more games and greater tournament points. His tactic worked and meant that he finished twenty-three points clear of Henrik and twenty-four points clear of Phil Zabrocki.

Top ten players from the EBCL Indy II

I think all eyes were on roshimaster after his lightning performance during the warm-up team blitz battle on Wednesday but he played a little more sedately this tournament and finished in 4th place just ahead of Finlay by tiebreaker.

Welcome new participant, Phil Zabrocki came very close to equalling Henrik’s score, who knows what difference another few minutes would have made but Henrik always seems to somehow manage to snatch that little extra edge that keeps him ahead of the chasing pack and on top in pole position when Keith isn’t playing!

Nat Paul went 13% berserk and was the only other player aside from Keith to do so. However, Keith topped that by going 55% berserk and racking up two three-game streaks.

It was nice to see some new players this week, hopefully for the next one we can get some of the others back from the week before and have a record entry.

It’s only worth organising these events if people are willing to play, so thank you all.

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