League Info


Each league consists of a certain number of teams who battle in an Arena every Wednesday at 1900 on Lichess over a 10-week season. A reverse scoring system is in place to protect promoted teams from an uphill battle to win the leaderboard. So, a team’s position in an Arena at the end of each week determines the points they receive.

The points will be entered and accumulated each week into leaderboards viewable on this website. Teams can only gain points for the arena they play in. Once a team moves into another arena, their presence will remain on the leaderboard corresponding to the Arena they have vacated. Meaning a team can and in many cases will appear on more than one leaderboard. However, to win a leaderboard, a team will have needed to have made five appearances in the corresponding Arena.

There will be divisions of 10 and where this cannot happen, divisions of not less than 5. So a lower score will be utilised of not less than 5 points for bottom-most teams.

Each season will last for 10 weeks and each week 4 teams will be promoted and demoted from divisions of 10 teams. In divisions with less than 10 teams, no less than 2 teams will gain promotion and relegation.

There may be a week or 2 break before the start of each season, otherwise, there will be no real order to things aside from each season will last 10 weeks.



A team’s score only counts if they have played in an Arena 5 times. If an equal 5 times in two arenas then the team will default to the lower leaderboard. If less than 5 times on any leaderboard then the leaderbaord with the most appearances will take precedence.

1st 10:

10th = 10 points, 9th = 6 points, 8th = 4 points, 7th = 3 points, 6th = 2 points, 5th equals 1 point.

4th place and above is the Redemption Zone. Teams finishing in the top 4 places will redeem 1 league point, but only if they have previously earned 1. The highest League Point score a team can have is 0.

Teams previously in the 1st 10 who are not instantly promoted the next week shall have 2 added to their LP for every week they fail to promote back to the 1st 10.



10th = 10 points, 9th = 8 points, 8th = 4 points, 7th = 3 points, 6th = 2 points, 5th 1 point.

For Contenders there is no redemption, only the chance to fight and stay amongst the 1st 10.


Final Stage:

10th = 10 points, 9th = 8 points, 8th = 6 points, 7th = 5 points, 6th = 4 points, 5th = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point.


Team Registrations

Teams are free to register at any point during a season. As there are no fixture lists as such, this means that the league is open to teams who want to participate whenever. Although teams entering the season late are not likely to win a leaderboard, each arena is essentially its own standalone tournament.


Player Registrations

This is the internet, players can come from far and wide with one caveat; each player must be willing to share their real name with at least the team they play for. The team should then be willing to share this with the Blitz Chess League should a question arise. This is to help prevent cheating, in that nonanonymous players are less likely to cheat. This also helps preserve a modicum of internet anonymity. 

Federation-registered and nonanonymous players are preferred but exceptions can be made if somebody really wants to protect their identity. Ultimately, teams themselves bear the responsibility of their players. Also, clubs should want to preserve their identity and integrity. Our clubs have histories and we should respect that. Let’s work together to help keep online chess clean. 

Teams should never register players during a tournament. As masters often turn out to play, this attracts fans who will request to join just so they can play. This is obviously risky as it only takes one cheat to ruin the tournament for everyone else. Teams should even be cautious with Masters and only register them after the current tournament is done, but if there is no foul then there is no harm – to twist an old English adage.



As all teams play each other the same night, there isn’t any requirement for a player to play for the team they played for last time. So, if you want to leave after, say, playing for Halesowen and you want to move to S Birmingham during the season, this is absolutely fine.



We have a zero-tolerance policy toward cheating and clubs who have players banned for cheating (as found by the Lichess cheat detection team) and have played in the Blitz League, will have 10 points added to all leaderboards. We will rely on reports and sufficient evidence from players to enforce this.